Thursday, December 16, 2010

Once Upon a Time

Well isn't this interesting, a blank page. If I only had nickel for everyone of those I've seen in the last 43 years. Old cliche, I know, but I am 50 and hence earned the right to babble. Funny how I didn't think like that when I was younger. I can remember how annoying those "lectures" by well-meaning family, friends and associates could be, the conglomeration of words and commands that make up a vast portion of who I am today.

You may be wondering just exactly who I am period, today or any other day. I am CherylLynn. Not gonna tag on the ex-husband's last name. I have no need to be politically correct at anytime and shan't start now. That, possibly, headstrong statement there likely gives you an idea that I am opinionated. Well I am. We wouldn't be talking now if I weren't, would we?

Describing who you are to another person has to be one of the most difficult things to do that I have ever encountered! Do I tell the plain and simple truth or perhaps just elaborate a bit? Or create this fantasy person that I have always wanted to I brag? Ew, I hate braggars. Definitely try to avoid over emphasizing, but not come across as Miss Door Mouse...hmm?!? Seems easiest to me to just relay it as I see it and not give a care about how it comes across. It isn't like you know me or something. I simply love the autonomy of the Internet!

LONG story short: I'm 50, been married twice, incarcerated once, traveled a bit, love to sing, write, help, create, and learn...and a thousand trillion other things but I promised a short story.

I write like I talk so you can imagine how annoying THAT could be.

I've decided to blog because I have alot to say. I've lived a weird life. Not unlike a million other people mind you but I can talk about it in a way that perhaps a million other people can't. I've made many, many poor choices and had to change many parts of how I think to fit into this community of ours and maybe all this crap that has been my life might just make you think about the next decision you face. That's really the beginning.

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