Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scaredy Cat

Everyone kept telling me not to leave the little gal alone at the shop because she was fragile and would cry or freak out if something or someone frightened her. It was a bother. The gal was just a wisp of a girl sure but she was a whore and well, whore's gotta be tough. To keep everyone happy, particularly the owner of the jack shack, I used to play along and never left the little girl alone for more than a few minutes when I was buying smoke or liquid crack at the convenience store. What a bother.
Until last night that was. What a crock! So the dude comes in the parlor and I ask him if he's ever been here before and he says he has and asks to see the other girl. I pull scaredy cat in and walk to the side parlor to hear the conversation without being seen. This little gal hit the ceiling when she saw the dude!
"I know you!" she screeched at him putting the bathroom door which swung outward between herself and the appropriately shocked man. "You're a bum! You ain't got no money!" She pushed and pulled the door back and forth fanning it towards him still screeching. "Get out of here! I know you! You're a bum, you smell like pee and you ain't got no money! Get! Get!"
The dude wisely backed out of the parlor and made a beeline out the back door while little miss scaredy cat continued to screech "get!" fanning her hands as if to push out the foul stench of urine as the man made his way out of the house.
I stepped out of the side parlor and placed my hands on my hips and told scaredy cat, "That's it! I ain't playing this game babysitting your phony ass no more! Dang girl you did great! You don't need no damn babysitter." I put my arm across her still trembling shoulders. "Yah girl, you did real good."
Sisters gotta remember we all gotta stick together.